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W8d d3th
• 11/9/2017

Rebuilding the Starved Insanity

Possible yet unlikely methods that some sort of civility and functioning society could be regained and maintained. This is unlikely to affect canon, outside of a few ATs, and is primarily just supposed to act as a group effort to come up with ways that Aliza could and would be able to attempt at returning the Underground to a stable nation.
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W8d d3th
• 11/29/2017
You're right that it could help, Aquahouse; as are you, W8d d3th. Bringing Papyrus wouldn't be easy, even if we remove Sans from the equation, and once he's there.....Then what? He'd have to be under constant watch and wouldn't likely be able to be of much use besides maintaining whatever house....he's....in....
Okay, let's say we somehow manage to transport Papyrus to the Ruins without too much fuss from him, his brother and or other monsters. Once there, his routine would most likely have been expanded and altered in such a way that as long as outside of danger, he'd probably carry on without issue. With that in mind, we'd probably be able to train the monsters of the Ruins how to act as a society with currency by having Papyrus be a hire-able house cleaner/potential farmhand to help grow crops.
So long as none of the monsters in the Ruins (as few as there are) bring up the fact that the Underground's gone to Hell, we'd be in the clear and since there are so few, they'd all have learned not to bring it up and stay out of his way. Napstablook would probably be preoccupied writing and broadcasting music, and any bringing up of Mettaton would probably disrupt his work and mentality, so we'd have to keep Papyrus and Napstablook at a reasonable distance without making it apparent that they're not supposed to be in close contact.
As long as Papyrus is given a routine that isn't interrupted too greatly, he'll remain predominantly docile and manageable with minor variations being brought in to ever-so-slowly ease him into this world he's not ready to accept. Napstablook would need to keep company, so the Dummy would need to be employed as a helper, impromptu therapist or simply as a companion(If it's not dead, that is).

I wasn't aware that freshwater algae are poisonous, so that's a hole in the plan, but it'd serve as a method to maintain food with the water-based faun. Is it possible that we could use the algae as a poison to put threats out of commission or at least deter them, do you think?
• 12/1/2017
Hm. I guess. Maybe Aliza could help, seeing as she's not that infected and a human, she would want to help the monsters. Other than that, it's hard to think of really anything. So we would start with the Ruins, and then what? After the long and grueling process of making the Ruins safe, do we move onto Snowdin?
• 12/1/2017
Good question. Hmm....Seeing as the one who started this discussion listed out the locations, the pros of said locals as well as what purpose they'd serve, it'd make the most sense. However, due to the fact that Snowdin's the territory of opposing monsters with the skill and power to make life nearly impossible, it'd probably be one of if not *the* hardest location to salvage.
After the long restoration of the Ruins, we'd probably have at least a few able and willing to venture outside of their "New Home" (That joke wasn't too bad) with us as well as a stable population in the Ruins. I'm not sure if algae could be used as a poison on their own, but almost definitely if *seriously* concentrated in a manner similar to cyanide, and if that's the case we'd have an advantage against any threats we meet in or through Snowdin.
Thing is, we'd be hunted by what's left of the Dog Guard, Gyftrot, Sans, and or the Snowman not to mention Riverperson when they make their rounds.....Wait! We'd be able to pay the Riverperson for safe passage! With the cultivation of vegetation and the farming of flesh from snails and fish, we'd have enough food to pay them. The only thing we wouldn't have to pay would be pain, but we can fix that by spear-fishing in the river the Riverperson carries people across.
So we'd have something akin to an ally, or at least a reliable escape route should things go south. Speaking of the river itself, our exploration of Snowdin would probably consist of maintaining closeness to the river in order to have a renewable source of fish as well as an easy exit. Due to how many trees there are in the Snowdin area, we could make a boat or two, fires, temporary shelters and simple tools.
Eventually we'd cross the river and have to deal with the various "Lords of Snowdin", but with the Riverperson's assistance we might be able to deter them long enough to make it into town for supplies, rest and strategic advantage. Since Sans and Aliza rule the town, we'd probably be able to reason with them long enough to hopefully develop a truce-or even an alliance if we played our cards right-and we'd possibly be able to begin restoring Snowdin.
Though I could see restoring Snowdin taking....A while. Thing is, we could probably turn Jerry into a replenishing source of flesh like what was done to Nice Cream Guy and no one would bat an eye so long as we gagged him before feeding him his own guts.
• 12/1/2017
Snowdin would be easiest to reach with or without the Riverperson, and due to its abundance in wood, water and powerful monsters we'd probably want to restore Snowdin next. Unless we had a renewing source of light for the Dead Swamp, the DT Extractors to weaken the Amalgams into existing in our reality, taking Muffet out of commission, a snafu-less way to return Mettaton to some semblance of sanity and or a way to rally the Eye and his "pets", and or Bratty and her crew; Snowdin's our only option for the next target for restoration.
As you said before, Aquahouse, repairing the minds of these monsters will take time and a lot of work. That's no truer than in Snowdin, since it's practically barren of life outside of the "Lords of Snowdin" as W8d d3th called them and the occasional pack of lesser monsters.
Whichever monster(s) we attempt reparations of is highly dependent on circumstances, but I'd bet that our best choice outside of the Font siblings would be Gyftrot and Jerry. Jerry might be useless, but with enough "motivation" we could probably find some use for him outside of becoming a less-meaty Nice Cream Guy. Should we somehow manage to detain a "Lord of Snowdin" (I love the way that sounds out loud!), we could use Jerry as an interrogatory utensil to wear down the mental walls and the energy of said monsters we detain.
With how annoying he is, we'd probably be able to tire a restrained Gyftort or Doggo out in an hour at most before they've (One of the two. Definitely not both. That'd end badly, I just know it) burnt up so much energy failing to shut up the saucer-shaped annoyance, leaving them open to conditioning once Jerry's undetectable to their tired mind. We'll basically be using Jerry as a punishment for poor behavior in order to train monsters into some form of stability.
• 1/8/2018
A fantastic discussion <3 I must speak to the... potential foolishness of separating Papyrus from his family, though. It would be more wise to convince them all to travel to the Ruins, to help with your rebuilding efforts, and avoid Papyrus' potential breakdowns nearly completely, saying nothing of Sans' rage at having his brother taken from him.
• 1/31/2018
You'd be right that it's potentially foolish to attempt at separating Papyrus from his home and family, Bananafrappe, and you wouldn't be wrong to think that diplomacy would be a suitable alternative. However, there's an enormous problem with that alternative, as there are with the original contemplation of expanding Papyrus' routines, and that problem's this: the Fonts are reasonably comfortable, sustainable and at home where they are. For us to relocate them, we'd need a viable, and believable reason for them to move from their protected, heated home.
That's not to say your idea's a poor one, quite the opposite, really; but in order to relocate the Fonts, we'd have to reason with Sans and be able to move EVERYTHING they're unwilling to part with. This would include Sans' shrine to Frisk and just about everything Papyrus owns, which are things they're unlikely to approve of us moving.
That's not even including the damage Sans' mind has been subjected to and the risks those could pose to our operation. As we know, he's experienced: the sensation of one's soul cracking from the separation of a spouse, the feeling of betrayal from his near-death experience at the hands of Undyne, seeing as everything he knows turns to dust, etc. He's only as sane as he needs to be to protect his family and maintain himself, and he knows it. The moment he decides he doesn't like what we're doing or the second he stops giving a shit about what we do, we'll be next on the menu.
This in mind, it'd probably be too risky to move them as a unit. Then again...If we used Jerry's abhorrent presence to stress Papyrus out, he'd be broken but more easily persuaded. Adding onto that thought-train, there are several houses and several of them will have access to water, heat and power.
If we reworked the piping or water fixtures in a household, we could create a lockable steam room where we can also setup some protected audio equipment to play a string of commands, ideas, plans, etc. on continuous loop. Is it really a humane option to utilize brainwashing techniques cults are so fond of using?
Hell no, but we're short on options and really short on the resources to tangle with one of the Lords of Snowdin when he's not in the mood to give us the time of day.
Papyrus' value is also quite hefty (when his delusional behavior makes him a safety hazard). He and Sans are Gaster's sons, literally parts of the former Royal Scientist, and that means their intelligence is an invaluable asset. After reading through Papyrus-Knows' tumblr, it's safe to say he's knowledgeable enough to recognize and understand the basics of string theory and quantum mechanics. That's without bringing up the role he played in Gaster's work.
Without question, Gaster was forced to bring his sons to work when he didn't have a babysitter on-call or he needed their respective strengths at hand. Papyrus is the complete opposite of Sans in the Central Timeline(s): strong, optimistic, eccentric, energetic, a living pick-me-up for everyone around him and physically attuned.
He never uses Blasters in the Central Timeline(s), but that's most likely due to his lack of magical attunement, and it could also be because he didn't design them for himself. This is a bit of a headcanon, and thus can be disregarded at the reader's leisure, but something tells me that Papyrus isn't just attuned to the physical qualities of existence. He uses the stove to cook spaghetti (that he's never tasted), loves puzzles and is fond of reading illustrated literature (kid books).
This a stretch, but I'm of the mindset that Papyrus was an mechanical engineer or is at least mechanically inclined, because of these things. His fondness for illustrated literature could be a natural attraction to seeing things as they're explained or told, which is a trait engineers of various kinds tend to share, and his fondness for puzzles could be an outlet for the skills he's no-longer-but-still-enjoys using.
On the chance that this headcanon has even a grain of truth, Papyrus could be one of the GREATEST ASSETS in the Underground. Sans is more of a textbook scientist when it comes to the inclination of his job at Gaster's; as is apparent in his understanding of string theory, quantum mechanics and his casual use of complicated magic operations. This makes Sans a valuable asset as a killing machine and planner, things the reformation would be in need of to operate smoothly, but we'd also need Papyrus' knowhow for machinery, weaponry and innovation.
Despite the risks that have been mentioned by others, kidnapping and brainwashing seem to be the best option when it comes to getting Papyrus on our side as he'd be programmed with instructions that give him a structure to depend on for stability and would also allow him to operate outside of being a delusional housemaid.
In the event that Papyrus is successfully captured, brainwashed and inducted into operations, he'd be a flawless in for us into Sans.
If we're able to travel to a point on a separate worldline where the Hunger's just began, diplomacy would be a lot easier and suitable, but it'd be unlikely to succeed as things are in the current canon. All things said, however, it'd probably be a good way to bring Aliza's mind into questioning their current conditions (if Sans lets her anywhere near our exploration/expansion group) before he puts his foot down on any plans she makes.
In summation of the in-progress plan for Papyrus as has been presented with the errors, risks and alternatives being accounted for as we speak: the plan that's least likely for us to end up getting Sans on our case immediately would be to expand Papyrus' routine in the small and simple ways so as to slowly get him out in the open for easier capture which would allow us the chance to swoop in and kidnap him (When Sans and Aliza are preoccupied with hunting), afterwhich we'd be able to take him to another building in Snowdin or go right back to the Ruins (Unlikely to work, but a possible and probably more effective alternative) to begin the process of brainwashing and reprogramming. After the reprogramming's finished and he's inducted into the operation, he could be a shoo-in to get Sans and Aliza on our side.
• 1/31/2018
Wait, but if we kidnap Papyrus, even when Aliza and Sans are away, the other two would still come hunting for us. Not only that, but we'd be easily tracked with the snow regardless of the snowfall. Whoever's carrying him would leave deeper prints that would last longer and make it easier to track us.
In all honesty, I think Papyrus and Sans wouldn't be that high on the priorities list. Like you said, the Fonts are self-sustaining, protected and reasonably comfortable; there'd be nothing we have to offer them that they don't already have and it's not like they're going to be gunning for us from the get-go. Sans has a shed full of Kit ripoffs(The name NCG's given by Lady_R in https://archiveofourown.org/works/12649572 is "Kit", and it kinda fits) to supply food, and they've a generator to keep them warm; what could we offer them they don't already have?
I think Gyftrot should be our priority. The moment we step foot in that forest, we're his prey. He knows the lay of the land like nobody else does, he could grant us access to higher vantage points for numerous operations, and he has Kit-the most hateful monster in the Underground as of the Fear-and Kit would make a fantastic operative once he's fitted with prosthetics. Gyftrot's antlers and numerous mouths could also provide us with teeth that we could use for bullets and arrowheads. Kit and Gyftrot go hand-in-hand, so we'd get two for the price of one if we inducted the demented deer into our operation(s).
Speaking of arrowheads and bullets, we could use Jerry as a source of "poison blood", which could be used to give Sans the incentive to work in our favor. After shooting a monster with Jerry-tipped arrows or bullets in a neutralizing portion of their body, we could offer them the "cure" to having Jerry inside of them with a second chance at helping us. I'm pretty sure that and Jerry's presence during diplomatic convos would make him an essential (not too mention agonizingly infuriating) monster to add to our ranks.
So, I'd suggest we first get Jerry and then go after Gyftrot and Kit.
Happy Tree Friends - Blood, Guts and Nice Cream (Guy) Cake - Lady_R - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own] archiveofourown.org
• 2/9/2018
SQUEE, I am the author of Happy Tree Friends and I am SO GLAD you mentioned it here.
I am actually working on a long Axetale story (told by the point of view of Mettaton, who healed out of nowhere because spoiler) and this is a lot of the stuff I'm discussing about.

As for now, I have dealt with a lot of the same aspects of this topic. I feel like something you have overlooked is the Crab Apple garden of Gerson, which could be used as a safe supply of sane and non-corrupted food. Besides the fish, there could always be mountain plants to make infusions and soups out of.
As for this Sans, it's clear that he only cares about his family. But if Aliza gets roped in, which she does because she's a good child, Sans will probably try to stop her just to "protect" her. She could just sneak away, I believe she'd do that.

Then we get to the OTP itself. In another future work, I will develop a headcanon I have of the Kitrot relationship: Gyftrot can't let Kit go insane. He can't have him become, you know, like Reek from A Song Of Ice And Fire/Game Of Thrones. If he does, eventually his SOUL will break and there will no longer be a trap. Thus, I always imagined Gyftrot doing an anti-Ramsay Bolton thing. Reminding his prisoner who he is, where he comes from, having him recite the detailed history of Snowdin ("and then, if you get it right, I'll give you a kiss." "EW!") and the precise recipe of traditional food. Maybe it won't be the priority, but after they have rearranged themselves and have developed a sufficient sense of community and sanity, it would be neat to have the one guy that can't craft, run or do anything else - because you don't build prosthetics out of nowhere, and I guess for a while even a wheelchair or a sled would be out of question - as the keeper of the little habits and culture elements that made Snowdin Town into what it once was.

And then, there's Mettaton.
Implying that he's not as vengeful and bitter as he could be - I see their relationship as a bit of a Sansa-Theon thing, with one having betrayed the other, both deeply suffering for it, but them eventually being reunited by the greater good and the common suffering - he could be the biggest bringer of hope the Underground needs. His family is alright, his mama is still around, and nobody will ever tell him that she can't be brought back, and his friends - except for Catty - are alive. They are missing pieces and bits, but they are alive, and his status as a star would draw a lot in.
Mettaton's entire talent basically boils down to bringing hope. And if Frisk had wasted less time on her family-oriented hubbie - as well as giving a little nod to Kit too, because you know, eaten alive and stuff, maybe a bit of the old star... could have come back.

Also, I have the headcanon that you can in fact kill an Amalgamate with extreme means like acid or throwing them into a pit of lava, but that's just me.
• 2/9/2018
LadyR07, I'm glad we're of like minds. I'd made a comment of using Gerson's shell and axe as tools for Aliza in the comments section of a page on the wiki. The reason, I think, none of us brought it up until now is mostly due to our prioritizing of locals, resources and risks. Waterfall's too dark without the CORE's powering its lights and too risky with all of the Temmies roaming the Dead Swamp, so we'd be unable to navigate the area without divine intervention or serious planning that would still hold too many unaccounted for variables. Until Snowdin's been successfully repaired, it's unlikely we'd be confident or ready enough to step a singular foot inside of Waterfall's cavern system.
Your idea for Kit and Gyftrot, however, is an interesting one that I'm surprised never crossed my mind. Using Kit as a historian on an altered-repaired nicecream cart would make him useful, and you're correct that we can't make prosthetics out of nothing. However, as I'm sure you're aware, when push comes to shove and life's on the line, just about anything can be made from scrap. Nonetheless, it's unlikely that Gyftrot would permit us to free Kit and remobilize him even after being brainwashed, so it's kind of a mute point in that regard.
As for Mettaton....I see where you're coming from, and I like the idea, but we've a couple problems that we'll face if we're to utilize him as a symbol of hope. First problem is that he's broken to the point that he'd likely be impossible to brainwash.
Although he's a ghost, Mettaton's possessing a machine and that presents a whole slew of variables and risks we'd be taking to repair his fractured psyche. As his wiki entry states, "...his own machinery integrating with his soul inseparably and stealing all but the dregs of his mind and memory." The dregs of one's mind and memory are their idiosyncrasies and the implicit memories gathered over their life.
Mettaton's life as a star isn't incredibly long if we're to acknowledge that his default form isn't the one we, fans, associate with him. We associate him with his EX-form, the more memorable and familiar of the three he has, and it's made apparent to us that he's only showing it to us in the canon Genocide Route because he's going all out to either kill us or buy the evacuation effort some time (Even though his EX form's vulnerable, unlike his default form). Even in the comic, he's in his default state because he's afraid and unable to literally bring himself out of his shell to be physically vulnerable.
During the earlier days of the Hunger, he was shoved into the riot that was inside of MTT Resort with his switch flipped to leave him vulnerable to attack. His fusing of his soul with his near-indestructible default state was a stroke of genius that backfired, as the machine clearly just wasn't made to store and or convert into data, all of the information Mettaton's mind contained. Possessing's easy, but being-that's harder. Being betrayed by someone he'd employed and left to be ravaged by his fans in hysterics, it's no surprise his psyche and soul were nearly shattered by that alone.
In his current state, he's little more than a machine with baseline sentience with occasional approaches to sapience. As much as it would bring all of us joy to see the Star of the Underground to be brought back from the brink, I've little doubt that it would end in failure. That's not to say that we shouldn't try, but it is to say that we need to recognize and weigh our options with him as a resource and risk.
Another problem we'd find with using Mettaton to rally the Underground would be our source of power to operate the equipment necessary to broadcast the visual, and then we'd need to know how to televise it to televisions that could all be very well destroyed. Without anyone to operate the CORE's machinery, there's no telling whether or not it's reparable after an emergency shutdown due to overproduction of power and a severe lack of maintenance, not to mention Metta's destroying it from the inside. Because the CORE's the reason the Underground's powered at all and a partial reason it's so spread out in the multiverse, it'd be irresponsible for anyone of us to attempt to deconstruct it and work from the ground-up.
In that same sense, it'd be suicidal for any of us to attempt repairing it without the supervision of a professional mechanic or similar scientist(s) (such as Papyrus if my headcanon holds any water) like the Grey Heralds. Either way, unless something's done to change the way the CORE is, it's a timebomb we're working to reorganize.
As for your headcanon, there's nothing to truly disprove it, especially if we somehow enlisted the Grey Heralds, but we'd be at too great a risk if we're to attempt it without a few DT Extractors at the ready on the chance it's incorrect. That in mind, it's unlikely we'll test it just yet.
• 2/9/2018
Now hold on, Wyvern7007h; there's more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. If we did as you'd suggested earlier, and brainwashed Papyrus into our service or tricked Sans into working with us for a cure for the Jerry-tipped pain we could dish out, we might be able to be teleported to Gerson's garden by Sans.
He'd want his daughter to be able to hold her own, and he'd be able to grab one or two Temmies to use as livestock despite the lack of pods on the sides of their heads. Undertale Science (https://undertale-science.tumblr.com/) made a compelling argument that the "ears" that hang from the sides of a Temmie's head are pods with which they reproduce. Following that headcanon (that I agree wholeheartedly with), if we somehow managed to refertilize the Temmies we capture and corral somewhere safer like Snowdin or the Ruins, we could actually have a self-sustaining food source.
Not to mention that the Temmie Armor's still in the Dead Swamp, and we could enlist the help of someone such as Shyren or a seahorse like Aaron to retrieve it. Also, the Dead Swamp's the motherload of toxic substances with which we could take back the Underground.
However, you brought up the Core and that brings me to the biggest hole in our plan to repair the Underground: time. Both the Core and the Reactor wiki entries state that the Core won't last much longer. It'd take us years to repair what little there is in the Ruins, meaning we'd be only days away from becoming the next Chernobyl or Tokaimura. And, making matters worse, the Core's reactor room is well over unbearable heat and radiation levels. We'd never be able to repair it without dying within minutes of getting close to the damn thing.
And, speaking of the wiki entries...Our entire plan(s) will be undergoing constant rewrites as they add onto the wiki. Before the Core and Reactor were given wiki entries, we might've stood a chance at repairing the Underground over time but now....We'd have to enter the Core first, fix it up after using the Reactor room as our brainwashing sauna and then maintain it with the TWO remaining monsters that still call that place their hunting ground.
......................Unless.................*Cackling and clapping ensues* HAHAHAHAHA! LadyR07, I think I just figured out how to prove and disprove you all at once! And, *Calms down with a sinister smirk* I might've just solved our nuclear meltdown problem. Hear me out on this, 'cause this is gonna sound crazy.
Sans wants his family to survive and thrive, but that can't happen when the mountain's a ^#&$*@ing crater. This in mind, we offer him a way to help us, save his family, and save the Underground all at once: he teleports us to the True Lab, grabs the schematics for the Barrier-draining machine and the blueprints for Blasters-prototype and otherwise-that they'd planned.
Using the blaster blueprints, as they're modified DT Extractors, we'd be able to siphon off the DT the Amalgam(s) have been infused with which would solidify them long enough for Sans to teleport them into the Reactor where their DT would be readministered with haste before we teleported the &$^#^@* outta there to recuperate and re-administer radiation countermeasures and counteractives.
The Amalgam(s), having been resolidified and un-solidified so suddenly, would be so disoriented as to be unable to escape the Reactor and out into the Underground. We'd get the "least dangerous" one(s) of the bunch: Lemonbread, Memoryhead and what's left of Snowdrake's Mother, although I'm leaning more towards resolidifying Snowy's mom first since she's practically a living acid and could potentially be the most dangerous when left to its own devices.
After grabbing a disoriented and resolidified Lemonbread, we set her down in the Reactor and readminister DT into her and leave her there to counteract the overflow of magical radiation. That'll buy us a few days at least to start neutralizing Mettaton with Sans's blue magic (maybe into a room that is connected to the Reactor so as to keep his systems on the edge due to radiation and repairing the Core's systems as well as convert the anti-Barrier machine into a machine that can repair monster souls!
How would the last part work? Well, by gathering the radiation that permeates the Core and synchronizing it to the wavelength(s) of healing magic. We're basically bending the Conservation of Energy Law to our whim with this one, but it's not impossible-just hard as *^&&@.
After that, we could use the excess radiation to be synchronized into power for the Underground. And, once we've stored up enough of that energy and Lemonbread's purpose has been served, we pull her outta there to be de-radiated as much as possible and stripped of her DT. The moment that's done and she's either dead or neutralized and outta the Core, we're on the clock to fix the Reactor.
Lemonbread won't be reused right away, if ever, due to the shifting between being fully anchored to our reality and mostly un-tethered to our reality.
If it takes us a longer time to repair the Reactor than anticipated-which is highly likely-we'll use the rest, starting with the amalgamate whose sprite name is "Watchingman". But, if that's not enough, we use Madjick since they're not gonna be useful outside of being another Prometheus-replica and are gonna be a nightmare to catch/control without brainwashing inside of our brainwashing sauna 3.0.
(this won't work, I know, but it's still kinda funny to imagine a radioactive Vegetoid cussing someone out with proclamations of greatness XD) Or, if we're especially pragmatic, we offer Chara a way to make a weak host like a Vegetoid even more powerful than Flowey via the Core *Grins malignantly*. Should we use Chara, their sheer hatred, malice and white-hot fury would allow them to survive, if just barely, in the Reactor for prolonged period(s) of time.
Once Chara's been utilized to their fullest as a radiation-sponge and brainwashed inside of the hottest of Hells in the Core, and the Reactor's been fixed, we'll be able to progress as the rest of the plan's been set-but with the added bonus of having made Chara our operative and gotten some of the other, noteworthy monsters in that general vicinity on our side.
Although we'd be powerful with the Core and its power at our disposal, I don't think setting our sights on New Home or Hotland would be very smart since we need to make sure we can keep our operatives fed, sane and in stable condition. New Home and Hotland are literal warzones with the least amount of weak, easily-brainwashed monsters to be gotten. Once we've the Core problem (HAHA!) outta the way, we should probably set up a power relay to the Ruins where we begin the reparation of the Underground.
As for the mountain plants to make infusions and or soups, I'd imagine that there'd be fewer plants like that in the Underground as it is right now. Sure, there are probably gardens where some herbs have grown like dandelions, but I doubt there'll be as many as we'd like in the Ruins-let alone Snowdin, New Home or Waterfall.
If we got Aliza interested enough to run away from her father and delusional uncle, we'd be right at the top of Sans's &*^$list. In my honest opinion, (If we didn't fix the Core first and went with the way the plan's set before we thought of the Reactor's meltdown) until we've the numbers and powerhouse-monsters we need, I'd suggest we just ignore the Fonts for the majority of the Underground's Restoration.
Undertale Science
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