The Eye sees all, and Master's pets aren't far behind. Property of Mercy-monster.

Burgerpants currently holds sway in a section of New Home, a cruel and maniacal manipulator of those lesser than him. After his escape from the Resort, and his near murder of Mettaton, he initially secluded himself in his home and scratched almost all of his face off in his growing madness and despair, baring bone and muscle and tearing away his eyelids completely. His appearance now far more sinister and terrifying, he emerged, starving and insane, to a city ruled by marauding lesser monsters, hunting for boss souls and easy prey.

As a common monster, he was not targeted, and instead cordoned off his neighborhood in quiet times, trapping his prey/cattle in a makeshift pen of blocked off alleys and high walls to secure not just a source of food for himself, but a gaggle of willing and easily swayed monsters to bring in more “members” for him to “protect”. He feeds them, keeps them as nearly mindless slaves, and prowls the destroyed streets with them in tow, where they not only protect him, but pursue prey for him. He barely has to lift a claw for himself, but the monsters under his care are either too far gone to notice, or just don’t care.

Burgerpants has dubbed himself the Eye, citing his never closing, bloodshot eyes, but merely goes by Master to his pets. His face is a mass of yellowed bone, pus, scars, and patches of fur, his body covered in scars from his own claws, and he wears parts of the armor of a fallen guard as representations of his rank among his underlings. His power is like a drug, and thanks to his Village, he is almost never in fear for his own life. He lives in relative comfort, completely immune to the bloodshed and carnage of the rest of the Capital.