Eloise Orsini was not always the ill-tempered, abusive woman she is today. She was once a bright, optimistic girl, with dreams of law school and impressing her fearsome, adventurous mother. Stress, drugs, and the wrong man stole all of that away from her, though; she dropped out of college, lost to her vices and her own savage self-hatred, and disappeared into the vile underbelly of the city.

She lost track of how many children she had, over the years, many being taken by the child services system; Frisk stayed with her the longest, conceived during one of the spans of time Eloise was attempting to clean herself up, but inevitably was taken away as well, leaving the miserable woman to her repetitive fate. She never recovered from losing Frisk, constantly looking for her over the years, and wrecked unholy vengeance on the city asylum when she discovered Frisk being held there.

She truly did her best, after finding her insane and heavily pregnant daughter, to care for both her, and Aliza, after Frisk's death, but Alsheimer's came for her without quarter, turning her not just meaner, but amnesiac than she ever was before. Following Aliza's departure from her home, Eloise is taken into custody at a senior home, where she recieved the medication she had long needed and the care her young granddaughter was incapable of giving her.