-Photo is view by consent only, due to its graphic, gory state. Click here to view it.-

The Nice Cream Rabbit made bank in the early days of the Hunger, seeing an opportunity to cash in on the starvation of the monsters by selling large slabs of fresh meat to the beasts the monsters had become. However, he soon became prey himself when money ceased to have value to monsterkind. He currently resides on a hill outside Snowdin, chained to his wrecked Nice Cream cart and mutilated beyond repair to prevent escape. To ensure this, his arms and legs have been chopped off and the stumps cauterized to prevent regrowth. He is even further secured to his cart by what remains of his umbrella, which is skewered through his torso.

Every day, the smaller monsters of the forest descend upon him to devour his flesh and suck the marrow from his bones. His screams carry through the entire forest, sending chills through everyone that hears them, including the more insane monsters. When he is nothing more than a lump of gnawed flesh and broken bone, he is fed his own entrails by the one responsible for his state and forced to painfully heal, readying him for the next day’s feast.