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"Tra la... la... beware... of m e." Property of Mercy-monster.

 None dare attack the Riverperson. They are an entity whose existence is beyond comprehension, with more than just meat beneath their robes.  

 They row their rotting boat up and down the river continuously, searching for "passengers" (anyone they spot), and flow from their ship the moment they find a likely passenger. The cloaked figure sweeps over the unfortunate in utter silence, unless the creature can offer them something in exchange for a ride down the river (their price varies from day to day, depending on the temperature of the air, the number of rocks in viewing distance, and their own mood, and could cost anything from five gold pieces to the being's soul), their robes billowing and swallowing their prey whole, and leave nothing behind in their wake. 

The Riverperson then continues on down the ceaseless river, trilling their rowing song and searching for more passengers.

The boat itself is not a monster or a wholly sentient being itself, but is heavily enchanted by the Riverperson’s magic. Before the Hunger, the River Person once gave the boat a face and legs as a way of entertaining passengers on particularly long rides, especially as a novelty for children. Now, the face is present only to intimidate, taking the form of a snarling dog-like visage, its eye glowing brighter when souls other than the Riverperson’s are nearby.