Swapaxefell 2

Dearest uncle. Property of Mercy-monster.

Rus’ jaw was shattered at some point during the years of the Hunger, so he hides his disfigured face with an inert Blaster skull. Papyrus cannot speak but for grunts and growls, and uses the hand language monsters know as Wingdings to communicate, and even then very rarely.

Rus is one of the strongest monsters in Snowdin, and is both the protector and the enforcer of his young niece’s will. Due to his silence and his savage brutality, most people forget that Rus was once a rather well-educated individual, with a weakness for books, and a well cared for library that had survived the Hunger in his home.

Aliza doesn’t mince her words. She’s a very strong child, both in will and magic, but she’s very physically delicate. Luckily her dear Uncle Papyrus is there to protect her from physical harm. 

Swapaxefell temmie

“So this was the fiend that ruined everything.” Property of Mercy-monster.

She’s very opinionated and outspoken, and frequently comes off as demanding and entitled at first glance. Despite her child-like size and physical frailty, Aliza’s not squeamish in the slightest and does what she feels needs doing in this rotten, ruined world – or at least supervises where brute force is needed. 


A dance of briers and vines. Property of Mercy-monster.

She has little regard for people outside of the inhabitants of Snowdin, and treats strangers visiting their tiny settlement with a great deal of distrust. While her popularity with the people of Snowdin is dubious at times, no one doubts that she has become the leader of their settlement, not with Papyrus enforcing her edicts with brutal finality.