The dog guard

Tread softly, and run hard. Property of Mercy-monster.

The Snowdin Canine Unit, matchless warriors in their prime, had their paws in devastating the population of Snowdin before turning on each other in the rabid search for food. As a result, of all the members of the Dog Guard, only three remain.


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Not a breath. Property of Mercy-monster.

Doggo wanders the northwest sector of the Snowdin Wood, searching ceaselessly for prey. His eyes were torn out during an altercation with a Snowdrake, rendering him completely blind, yet despite his potentially fatal handicap, he is a fearsome opponent and will not lose a trail once he has scented one, pursuing fleeing prey to the very edge of Snowdin if he has to. He nor any other of the Dog Guard will venture into town any longer, though... not with its guardian always on watch.


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Stay high up, and you'll probably be fine. Probably. Property of Mercy-monster.

Dogaressa now lives a nomadic existence after consuming her mate Dogamy, in order to keep him with her always. She wanders the western Snowdin wood, and carries twin, cracked axes, speaking as though the late Dogamy is beside her with the royal 'we'. However, when the need arises, she will abandon her axes and pursue her target on foot. Though Dogaressa has cycloptic vision, mutated by the Glitch, she can see very well in the dark, and has a very wide range of vision. She has only one weakness, which is her inability to climb trees and very steep walls. However, if you do climb a tree to escape her, she'll eventually figure out that she can chop the tree down with her axes. Also, climbing a tree puts you at risk of being devoured by someone else...

Lesser Dogs

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An excellent weapon... If it weren't rigged. Property of Mercy-monster.

The Lesser Dogs have all passed on since the Hunger was unleashed onto the Underground. Most of them met horrid fates, by gnashing jaws, slashing claws, traps, ambushes, or much worse, all because they sought affection, even when infected. The very last Lesser Dog was the longest-lived, fighting for his life and refusing to eat the tainted meat of other monsters before meeting his untimely demise at the hands of Dogaressa. His armor and sword have since been re-purposed into a trap by Doggo. If someone tries to pull the sword out of the armor, a tripwire hidden inside will cause the armor to grind together, making a metallic, screeching sound. This noise will immediately draw Doggo to the scene, ending with the unfortunate individual who triggered the trap as yet another life lost to the Hunger.

Greater Dog

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S T A Y O U T O F R E A C H. Property of Mercy-monster.

Greater Dog is a master of stealth, stalking prey from under the cover of the ever-thickening snow of the northern Snowdin wood. His armor has become a twisted ruin of rust, twigs, and ice, and he can no longer close his mouth completely due to the overgrowth of his fangs. He leaves bloody pawprints in the snow constantly, and has decorated his small, blood-stained home with the skulls of deceased Lesser Dogs that he either killed or found laying around.